Personal Logo
Many designers get to the point where they feel like they need a personal Logo. Through the years I’ve struggled to find one that would represent me as a designer and as a person and one that would be able to tell my story in just a few strokes.
First thing is the shape: an hexagon, but also a cube in isometric axonometry. The hexagon is a simmetric equilateral shape that is found in nature in many forms, from the chemical structure of benzene to the honeycomb structure. The hexagon allows the bees to divide the space in regions of equal area, minimize the total perimeter of each cell and save material, it also gives the honeycomb strenght under compression.
This, to me, represents the efficiency needed in a  design.
The Rubik’s Cube is one of my favourite puzzles, with over 43 quintillion permutations and and many ways to solve it, is a good representation of problem solving in design. The lower part of the “cube” shows the horizontal parts of the initial letters of my name and surname (FC) as if they were written in a square font. The upper part of the “cube” there is a representation of the coat of arms of my family name, Caracciolo, a noble family of the city of Naples.
The colours are those of the original coat of arms and very similar to the flags of Valencian Community and the Kingdom of Naples.​​​​​​
YEAR: 2019

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