Crotone Goalkeeper Kits
The design takes inspiration from the one used by FC Crotone Goalkeeper during the 1999/2000 season. That season the team achieved promotion in Serie B winning his Serie C1 group. The kit is predominantly black with yellow hoops, the hoops have a brush effect that recalls the training kits and the third kit used during this season. 
The owner of the team, being superstitious, later decided that black would bring bad luck so asked to do the kit with blue as main color, instead of black. It was also added an alternative colourway with neon yellow as main colour and the typical red and blue of the team would make the stripes. The blue and neon yellow kits were used in Serie A, while the black one was never produced, apart from samples and, as it was the original design, it’s the only colourway shown in the videogame FIFA 17.
BRAND: Zeus Sport
TEAM: FC Crotone
SEASON: 2016/2017
LEAGUE: Serie A (Italy - Level 1)
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