Crotone Kits
After designing the Goalkeeper Kit for the 2016/2017 season, I had the chance to design the full line for the following season.
The home kit keeps the classic red and blue striped design of Crotone, keeping the stripes on the sleeves and with a blue chevron on the higher part of the front that gives a nod to the 2015/2016 kit, season in which the team achieved promotion to Serie A. The Zeus logos on the kit and the KRO greek letters, that identify the city, on the shoulders, are in white.
The away has a simple and classic look with white as main colour, with blue cuffs and collar details, it has a vintage logo and the look is completed by embossed pinstripes. 
The third kit brings a more modern look to the mix, the main colour is a more purple-ish blue, compared to the home kit, with three big diagonal stripes of a lighter shade of the main colour and two small neon red stripes inbetween the bigger ones. The logo is still the vintage, as the away kit, but just showing the outlines and the elements in neon red and leaving the rest empty, using the shirt and its colour as a background. 
The goalkeeper kits have the same design as the third kit, but in different colourways.
BRAND: Zeus Sport
TEAM: FC Crotone
SEASON: 2017/2018
LEAGUE: Serie A (Italy - Level 1)
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