Casertana Kits
A classic red and blue striped home shirt, with a more vintage look, three blue stripes on a red background, each with a blue pinstripe on each side. On the bottom part of the front of the shirt there is a representation of the Royal Palace of Caserta, that is present on all three kits.
The away and third shirts share the same design, having respectively white and neon green as main colour. As on the home shirt, there are three stripes, but with a different style, being made up of diagonal lines and with two reds on the side and one blue in the middle.

[The second picture was taken atthe kits presentation press conference and the person sat at the table with the white t-shirt is me]​​​​​​
BRAND: Zeus Sport
TEAM: FC Casertana
SEASON: 2017/2018
LEAGUE: Lega Pro (Italy - Level 3)
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