Napoli Pallavolo Kits
For the new season, the connection between the team and the territory surfaces once again on the kits. This time the themes of the team and libero jerseys were holy and profane. The colours for the home games are the classic Napoli sky blue, with white highlights and halftone fading sleeves, while the opposite colour scheme is used for the away games. The graphic on the team jerseys is a halftone depiction of the miter and pastoral of Saint Januarius, patron saint of Naples, while his silhouette with the writing "Piensace tu!" (Take care of it) is on the back of the collar. For the libero the profane simbology of the "corniciello", traditional chili pepper shape used in Naples as a lucky charm, is on the front of the shirt, with a wireframe graphic, while on the back there is the writing "Sciò" (dialect expression that can be roughly translated with "go away", in this case addressed to bad luck). Fuchsia and green are the colours chosen for the libero shirts, respectively as nods to the red of a bright chili pepper and the old colours of the team, when it used to be named Polisportiva Ponticelli.
The sweatshirt and hoodie have a graphic that depicts the vault of the Galleria Umberto I, as a reference to the architecture of the city, with brush strokes  in the middle, calling to the street art scene in the city of Napoli.
BRAND: Enjoywear - Satex
TEAM: Napoli Pallavolo
SEASON: 2022/2023
LEAGUE: Serie C (Italy - Level 5)
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