Napoli Pallavolo Kits
The inspiration for this design is Mount Vesuvius, located at the east of Naples, a famous landmark of the city and the district of Ponticelli is at the foot of the sleeping volcano.
Under the team logo there is a graphic representing the shattered land at the crater of the volcano, with the sky blue of Napoli being visible in the cracks of the black lava stone, same goes for the shorts. The look of the shirt is completed by a tone-on-tone diagonal pattern of the team logo, with an linear halftone fade. The Libero colour scheme is a classic one, usually associated with teams from Napoli, with a sky blue shirt and white shorts, having the graphic in black on both.
The women's team, ​​​​​playing in First Division (Level 7), shares the same designs of the men, with fuchsia replacing white and the libero shorts being also black, but having fuchsia and sky blue graphic and elements inverted from the rest of the team. 
BRAND: Enjoywear - Satex
TEAM: Napoli Pallavolo
SEASON: 2021/2022
LEAGUE: Serie C (Italy - Level 5)
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